Monday, March 20, 2006

President Bush in Cleveland

Nice speech President Bush.

Normally I wouldn't have listened to it all, especially the questions and answers that follow. But it is a "snow day" in Denver and my regular routine has been disrupted.

The City Club in Cleveland provided a friendly forum and Mr. Bush demonstrated a comfort and ease, I rarely see. Everything he said seemed very reasonable and I found myself agreeing with him on many things.

He believes in Democracy and the virtures and rewards of self government. He takes the actions and threats of terrorism very seriously and remains stalwartly opposed to the values demonstrated by suicide bombers, and all those who murder, maim ,and threaten innocent civilians (especially children) in the name of religion and salvation.

It will be interesting to hear and read the media's spin.

I see my liberal friends rolling their eyes, if not laughing at my naivete. The "Evil Bush" may not have been exposed but that doesn't mean he has been exorcised.