Friday, July 08, 2005

Barbaric Bombings: An Attack Against All Nations

I wanted to post something yesterday expressing my deepest regrets and condolences for the people of London. But everything I thought of writing seemed glib and woefully inadequate. Instead I spent my time reading everything I could about the bombings on line, watching the internet catch fire with comments and responses.

I even went to the Democratic Underground which in response to the attack at that time had no less than 1000 comments of which I read over 50. The concensus there was that these horrific events were somehow inevitable and the direct result of persistant imperialism, and illegal, brutal warmongering.

I was dumbstuck. The implication was that the terrorists were really the victims fighting back the only way they could and the people who were hurt, maimed or killed deserved their fate.

Maybe it's the time of life, (or time of month), but reading these comments only made me sadder. Is this what humanity has come to, I wondered. How can misdirected, vengeful violence against innocent civilians ever be justified in any circumstances?

Today, I am more heartened. The British people have once again demonstrated their courage and resolve in difficult, dangerous times. World leaders have publicly expressed their outrage and disapproval. The struggle against terrorism has only been strengthened. I worked in my garden, planting, weeding, and watering seedlings showing in a small way that life continues and that I have some hope for a better future.