Sunday, March 26, 2006

Norma's Post: Gay Adoption

Norma, an erudite experienced blogger (and enthusiastic supporter of new and would be bloggers) at Collecting my Thoughts has an interesting post on Gay Adoption. Better yet is her response to a long winded presumptuous commenter who behind a thin veil of civility reveals their contempt for Norma's well founded skepticism of "experts" and their sometimes astonishing declarations.

As informative and entertaining as some posts may be, I often find the comments and corresponding responses even more enlightening and provocative. Clearly, Norma hit a nerve evoking Spicey Cauldron's comment and resulting diatribe.

During my relatively short time blogging (nearly 14 mos). and the approximately 6 mos. previously spent reading blogs, I have noticed a commonality in comments regardless of the writer's politics and preferences. No matter how reasonable and rational a discussion may begin, it often deteriorates into name calling, with references made to others as moonbats, fascists, bigots, nutwings and at the very least as ignorant. As fitting (and sometimes amusing) as these names may be, it usually indicates the end of well thought out if not intelligent dialogue.

So when did the art of debate end and thoughtful discussion turn into personal accusation?

For the record, I am highly distrustful of "experts" particularly those in the social sciences where there are so many variables. As important as education and experience is (aka credentials), personal bias and myopia exists even in the supposedly objective scientific community. But whatever the "experts"are espousing at this moment in time, I do not oppose gay couples adopting children.

First of all my impression is that the adoption process is long and somewhat arduous. I believe you have to really want these children and you must plan for them. This is based on knowing friends who have adopted children from Russia, Korea and Romania to name just a few. Most of these folks were not "rich" by American standards but all of them were resourceful ( intelligent and presevering). Although this does not guarantee good parenting, it indicates in my mind a very promising beginning.

Regarding my gay friends who have adopted, frankly, I am unaware of all the details but I cannot imagine it was quick or easy . Irregardless, their children seem happy, healthy and secure unable to be distinguished from most other children. They know they are loved, protected, nurtured and appreciated. Sadly, this is more than many other children ever receive even in conventional families.