Monday, May 01, 2006

Back in May

Tsk. Tsk. Not one post made in April, not even an unfinished draft. I should be ashamed of myself. Too bad I'm not. Still, I have a great amount of respect and appreciation for those who do manage to post with dogged regularity. Often they provide the fuel for my procrastination because it has been my experience that if I wait long enough on a certain topic, I will find an article somewhere that expresses my views and often it is better written than anything I produce.

When I began blogging a bit over a year ago, the numbers of bloggers were estimated between 8 & 9 million. I wonder by how much that number has increased?

Of course there are those who have quit blogging altogether (and perhaps I have even been considered as one at times) or left on "hiatus" for an undetermined amount of time. It seems I've known a lot of those and if their websites are still up and open to comments, I find myself typing "where are you?" or "I miss hearing from you" and visiting old posts with a sense of loss and melancholy. It is pathetic I know, like ANY of these cyber folks are duty bound to enlighten me...

Worse yet are the ones that are on line one day and the next a message states "the requested URL was not found on this server", no address change or link to be redirected. Everything said or posted prior has suddenly disappeared as if it never existed in the first place. So what happened? Does the host remove the URL if there has been no activity for a while?
You may have noticed, I have several "dead links". It's as if I can't quite admit they are gone and maybe one day as suddenly as they left they may reappear.

Well, I'm off to practice, string quartets in Longmont and then to the Psyche Ward at Humana. No, I'm not checking in, only visiting a friend. More about that later.