Thursday, September 21, 2006

DPL Book sale

The Denver Public Library raised 35,000 dollars from their used book sale this year. Most hardcovers went for $2.oo and paperbacks sold for 50 cents. The annual event lasted 3 days and some say, if you are looking for something special, it's best to attend the first day. But it never matters to me because it always seems crowded, stuffed with people and books, an amazing assortment of trash and treasures.

I bought 2 books which I probably didn't absolutely need but where I discovered them made them irresistable. I found Statistical Problems And How To Solve Them by L.H. Longely-Cook on the table marked Literature & Poetry. I laughed out loud imagining what the author would say. I thought better there than the 10 tables or more labeled Fiction. Of course this is an election year...

I also found Blood Washes Blood by Frank Viviano. The author is related to a good friend of mine. Several years ago, I had searched this very library system to borrow the book but was unable to find it. The cover reads "a true story of love, murder, and redemption under the Sicilian sun". Wow! Who would have guessed it would surface in the Business and Geography section?